Why choose whatstk?

There are many python libraries to deal with WhatsApp and other platform chat files. Why should you choose whatstk over these?

Automatic parser

In WhatsApp, the chat might be exported in different formats depending on your phone configuration, which adds complexity when parsing the chat. whatstk incorporates a reliable and powerful parser to correctly infer the structure of most of the chats. In the rare and improbable case that the automatic parser does not work for a certain chat, you can still use hformat.

The power of pandas and plotly

whatstk uses well established and mantained python libraries pandas to process the data and plotly and exploits their potential to efficiently process and create figures.

Open source and Community oriented

The project is distributed under the GPL-3.0 license, available on GitHub and open for user contributions.

The project is mantained since 2016 by @lucasrodes.