Load a chat with specific hformatΒΆ

If auto_header option fails, you can still load your chat manually specifying the hformat. In the example below, we have that the hformat='%d.%m.%y, %H:%M - %name:'.

>>> from whatstk.whatsapp.objects import WhatsAppChat
>>> from whatstk.data import whatsapp_urls
>>> chat = WhatsAppChat.from_source(filepath=whatsapp_urls.POKEMON, hformat='%d.%m.%y, %H:%M - %name:')
>>> chat.df.head(5)
                        username                                            message
2016-08-06 13:23:00  Ash Ketchum                                          Hey guys!
2016-08-06 13:25:00        Brock              Hey Ash, good to have a common group!
2016-08-06 13:30:00        Misty  Hey guys! Long time haven't heard anything fro...
2016-08-06 13:45:00  Ash Ketchum  Indeed. I think having a whatsapp group nowada...
2016-08-06 14:30:00        Misty                                          Definetly