To use the chat generation functionalities, install the library with the corresponding extension (ignore the --upgrade option if you haven’t installed the library):

pip install whatstk[generate] --upgrade

Generate random WhatsApp chat.

whatstk-generate-chat --help
usage: Generate chat. Make sure to install the library with required extension: pip install whatstk[generate]
       [-h] -o OUTPUT_PATH
                      [--filenames FILENAMES [FILENAMES ...]] [-s SIZE]
                      [-f HFORMATS [HFORMATS ...]]
                      [--last-timestamp LAST_TIMESTAMP] [-v]

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-o OUTPUT_PATH, --output-path OUTPUT_PATH
                        Path where to store generated chats. Must exist.
--filenames FILENAMES [FILENAMES ...]
                        Filenames. Must be equal length of --hformats.
-s SIZE, --size SIZE  Number of messages to create per chat. Defaults to
                        Header format. If None, defaults to all supported
                        hformats. List formats as 'format 1' 'format 2' ...
--last-timestamp LAST_TIMESTAMP
                        Timestamp of last message. Format YYYY-mm-dd
-v, --verbose         Verbosity.