User interaction

The user interaction can shed some light on the different kinds of conversations that occur in a chat group. For instance, when a certain topic appears some users might intervene and others will not, forming user clusters. To this end, a first approach in detecting such clusters resides in which users respond to which users.

User interaction heatmap

In the following we visualize the response matrix, which tells us the number of messages sent by a certain user to the rest of users.

For instance, in this specific example we observe that user Giuseppe sends 153 messages to + 1 123 456 789 and that Mary receives 122 messages from John.

>>> from whatstk import WhatsAppChat, FigureBuilder
>>> from whatstk.graph import plot
>>> from import whatsapp_urls
>>> chat = WhatsAppChat.from_source(filepath=whatsapp_urls.LOREM_2000)
>>> fig = FigureBuilder(chat=chat).user_message_responses_heatmap()
>>> plot(fig)