Source code for whatstk.utils.chat_merge

"""Merging chats."""

import pandas as pd
from whatstk.utils.utils import COLNAMES_DF

def _merge_two_chats(df1, df2):
    if df1[COLNAMES_DF.DATE].min() <= df2[COLNAMES_DF.DATE].min():
        df = pd.concat([df1, df2[df2[COLNAMES_DF.DATE] > df1[COLNAMES_DF.DATE].max()]])
        df = pd.concat([df2, df1[df1[COLNAMES_DF.DATE] > df2[COLNAMES_DF.DATE].max()]])
    return df

[docs]def merge_chats(dfs): """Merge several chats into a single one. Can come in handy when you have old exports and new ones, and both have relevant data. **Note:** The dataframes must have an index with the timestamps of the messages, as this is required to correctly sort and merge the chats. Args: dfs (List[pandas.DataFrame]): List with the chats as DataFrames. Returns: pandas.DataFrame: Merged chat. """ # Sort from oldest dfs = sorted(dfs, key=lambda x: x.index.min()) # Merge df = dfs[0] for i in range(1, len(dfs)): df = _merge_two_chats(df, dfs[i]) return df