Source code for whatstk.utils.utils


[docs]class ColnamesDf: """Access class constants using variable ``whatstk.utils.utils.COLNAMES_DF``. Example: Access constant ``COLNAMES_DF.DATE``: .. code-block:: python >>> from whatstk.utils.utils import COLNAMES_DF >>> COLNAMES_DF.DATE 'date' """ DATE = 'date' """Date column""" USERNAME = 'username' """Username column""" MESSAGE = 'message' """Message column""" MESSAGE_LENGTH = 'message_length' """Message length column"""
COLNAMES_DF = ColnamesDf() def _get_df(df, chat): if (df is None) & (chat is None): raise ValueError("Please provide a chat, using either argument `df` or `chat`.") if (df is None) and (chat is not None): df = chat.df return df def _map_hformat_filename(filename): """Map hformat to valid filename (Linux, MacOS, Win). Args: filename (str): Header format. Returns: str: Mapped header format. """ filename = ( filename .replace(' ', '_') .replace('/', '--') .replace(':', ';') ) return filename